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Nov 30th 2018


Dec 03rd 2018

Economics and Development in Microstates, Islands, and the Arctic  
Event Serial -91784
Website   http://www.islanddynamics.org/economicsdevelopment.html
Contact Person - Adam Grydehø
Event enquiries email address - agrydehoj@islanddynamics.org
Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 2018-02-28
Organized by: Island Dynamics
Venue: Nuuk ,  Nuuk ,  Greenland

About Event

Economies work differently in microstates and island territories than in larger jurisdictions. Small population size and/or land area, often coupled with remoteness, affect how economies function and encourage potentially problematic governance forms and practices (including conflicts of interest, anti-competitive policies, and dependency on the public sector). Microstates and islands are frequently said to suffer from skills shortages, lack of economies of scale, extreme industrial specialisation and dependence on a small number of external markets (thereby increasing vulnerability), high transport costs, and poor balances of trade.